• Review of *Mind the Country: Tim Winton's Fiction*, by Salhia Ben-Messahel
  • Review of *Performance and Cosmopolitics: Cross-Cultural Transactions in Australasia* by Helen Gilbert and Jacqueline Lo, and *Unsettling Space: Contestations in Contemporary Australian Theatre* by Joanne Tompkins
  • Review of *Caring Cultures: Sharing Imaginations: Australia and India*, edited by Anuraag Sharma and Pradeep Trilrna
  • Review of *The Transformation of Political Identity from Commonwealth through Postcolonial Literature* by Lamia Tayeb
  • Simple Facts of Light and Stone: The Eco-Phenomenology of Anthony Lawrence
  • Review of *Marking Feminist Times: Remembering the Longest Revolution in Australia*, by Margaret Henderson
  • Annual Bibliography of Studies in Australian Literature: 2007
  • Australian Letters and Postwar Modernity
  • The Eco-Humanities as Literature: A New Genre?
  • Review of *Creme de Ia Phlegm: Unforgettable Australian Reviews*, edited by Angela Bennie
  • Review of *Thea Astley's Fictional Worlds*, edited by Susan Sheridan and Paul Genoni
  • Review of *Flashing Eyes and Floating Hair: A Reading of Gwen Harwood's Pseudonymous Poetry*, by Cassandra L. Atherton
  • Adapting Australian Novels for the Stage: La Boite Theatre’s Version of *Last Drinks*, *Perfect Skin*, and *Johnno*
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Review of *The Higher Self in Christopher Brennan's Poems: Esotericism, Romanticism, Symbolism* by Katherine Barnes
  • Anachronism, Ekphrasis and the ‘Shape of Time’ in *The Great Fire*
  • Bottling the Forbidden Fruit: Marion Halligan’s Fiction
Volume 23 No. 3
1 May 2008