Australian Literary Studies is a fully refereed scholarly journal.

We publish literary studies scholarship that is rigorous, clear, and has a strong sense of its intervention in the field. We are interested in scholarship which speaks to Australian literary criticism, as well as that which expands the scope of literary studies internationally.

Founded in 1963 by Laurie Hergehnan at the University of Tasmania, and edited from 2002 to 2015 by Leigh Dale at the University of Wollongong, the journal is now co-edited by Julieanne Lamond at the Australian National University, and Tanya Dalziell at the University of Western Australia.

Australian Literary Studies “remains one of the primary resources for (post-nationalising) knowledge about Australian literature but it also continues to be one of the important forums in which the conversation about the history, theory and practice of literary studies, or English as it is trending back to, is conducted in this country.” - Philip Mead.

Publication model

ALS is a nonprofit organisation which runs independently of government or university funding. We charge subscription fees to cover the costs of copyediting, website maintenance, journal management and editorial assistance. We have chosen not to deal with major publishers or aggregators because we want ALS to be affordable for students, researchers and libraries. Nor do we want to charge authors to publish, as is the case with much open access publishing. Instead, we are working with a small-scale mix of subscription and open access publishing. New essays are open access in html form for a period of at least four weeks; the archive is accessible via institutional or individual subscription.

ALS publishes two general issues each year; we also publish occasional special issues.

Our ISSN is 1837-6479.


Dr Julieanne Lamond and Associate Professor Tanya Dalziell

Deputy Editor

Emeritus Professor Susan Martin

Reviews Editor

Professor Chris Lee


Alice Desmond

Assistant Editor

Alice Grundy

Copy Editors

Fergus Armstrong

Piper Bell

Rachel Chopping

Carol Hetherington

Dr Alice Healy Ingram

Editorial Advisers

Professor Katherine Bode (Australian National University)

Emeritus Professor David Carter (University of Queensland)

Associate Professor Tanya Dalziell (University of Western Australia)

Emeritus Professor Robert Dixon (University of Sydney)

Dr Michael Griffiths (University of Wollongong)

Dr Joanne Jones (Curtin University)

Associate Professor Jeanine Leane (University of Melbourne)

Dr James Ley (Contributing Editor, Sydney Review of Books)

Emeritus Professor Susan Martin (La Trobe University)

Professor Andrew McCann (Dartmouth)

Emeritus Professor Philip Mead (University of Western Australia)

Dr Benjamin Miller (University of Sydney)

Professor Nicole Moore (University of New South Wales, Canberra)

Professor Brigid Rooney (University of Sydney)

Emeritus Professor Susan Sheridan (Flinders University)

Dr Alice Te Punga Somerville (Macquarie University)

Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Webby (University of Sydney)

Professor Lydia Wevers (Victoria University Wellington)

Emeritus Professor Gillian Whitlock (University of Queensland)

Organizational Structure

Australian Literary Studies Inc. is a nonprofit organisation incorporated in the ACT.

Management Committee

Dr Julieanne Lamond (President)

Emeritus Professor Susan Martin (Vice-President)

Mr David Brennan (Treasurer)

Dr Sarah Ailwood

Dr Sarah-Jane Burton

Associate Professor Tanya Dalziell

Emeritus Professor Philip Mead

Professor Nicole Moore