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Carrol Clarkson
Coetzee’s Womanizing

The theme of womanizing has attracted much critical commentary – and speculation – in discussions of Coetzee’s writing. In this paper, however, I discuss an earlier, now obsolete meaning of ‘womanizing’, not as a theme, but as a distinctive fictional…

25 February 2018
Chris Danta
Eurydice’s Curse: J. M. Coetzee and the Prospect of Death

The prospect of death is one of J. M. Coetzee’s central and enduring concerns. As David Attwell observes in his biography, ‘The most trenchant of the purposes of Coetzee’s metafiction . . . is that it is a means whereby…

25 February 2018
Michelle Kelly
Serving ‘a Male Philosophy’? Elizabeth Costello’s Feminism and Coetzee’s Dialogues with Joyce

In this essay, I show that J. M. Coetzee’s Elizabeth Costello is shaped fundamentally by an engagement with Joyce’s Ulysses. However, the relationship between the two does not reveal itself in the rewriting of Joyce’s ‘Penelope’ that Costello’s literary…

25 February 2018
Bill Ashcroft
Magda Meets Theodora: Language and Interiority in The Aunt’s Story and In The Heart of the Country

In ‘Orders of Discourse’ Foucault raises the deeply embedded opposition between reason and folly: ‘From the depths of the Middle Ages a man was mad if his speech could not be said to form part of the common discourse of…

25 February 2018
Michela Borzaga
In the Heart of the Country and Pain: Re-reading Space, Gender and Affect

This essay offers a new spatial reading of In the Heart of the Country. It explores J. M. Coetzee’s interest in grounding white female narrators in heterotopic spaces which, while marked by terror and racial divisions, simultaneously enforce proximity…

25 February 2018