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Andrew McCann
Review of Christos Tsiolkas: The Utopian Vision, by Jessica Gildersleeve

Christos Tsiolkas: The Utopian Vision, by Jessica Gildersleeve. Amherst, NY: Cambria Press, 2017. Web US$30.99, PDF US$41.99, E-book US$51.99, Hardback US$104.99.

19 September 2017
Larissa McLean Davies,
Susan K. Martin
Toward Worlding Settler Texts: Tracking the Uses of Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career through the Curriculum

Using Miles Franklin’s My Brilliant Career as its focus, this paper explores the institutional possibilities and constraints of ‘worlding’ settler texts in secondary school and university environments. We argue that the teaching of texts, and those who teach texts in…

19 September 2017
Kate Mitchell
Constructing Cosmopolitanism, Promoting Humanitarianism: The Marvellous Melbourne of E.W. Cole in Lisa Lang’s Utopian Man (2010)

Lisa Lang’s award-winning Australian novel Utopian Man (2010) reimagines E.W. Cole and his famous Book Arcade in Melbourne in the last decades of the nineteenth century. Running in its central Melbourne location from 1883-1929, in popular discourses Cole’s Book Arcade…

19 September 2017
Julieanne Lamond

This is the first editorial in the fifty-three year history of ALS that will not pass through the hands of a typesetter. It will not be sent to a printer, nor will it be part of an issue that is…

15 February 2016
Helen Lindsay
Jack Lindsay and MI5: More than Surveillance

In December 2012, together with Dr Anne Cranny-Francis, I visited the National Archives at Kew Gardens in London to view the MI5 files relating to my father, Jack Lindsay. His files had been released in 2009 and I had been…

1 November 2015