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Ruth Park

Guest editor Monique Rooney announces a special issue dedicated to the work and legacy of Ruth Park.

There exists no collection of scholarly essays on Ruth Park, whose award-winning novels include the Harp in the South (1948), Swords and Crowns and Rings (1976) and Playing Beatie Bow (1980).

This first special issue of ALS on Park aims to recognise both her literary achievements and her cultural significance. It aims to honour the diverse output of a writer who, in embracing the opportunity to work for newly emergent media industries, produced experimental, adventurous, and ingenious works that allow us to better see and understand transformations galvanising her century.

Topic Suggestions

  • Park, media and technology
  • Park’s women
  • Park’s men
  • Park’s children
  • Park’s workers
  • Park’s animals
  • Park’s fictional worlds
  • Immigrants (for example Irish, Scots, Danes in Australia and/or New Zealand) in Park’s writing
  • Australian First Nations people and/or Māori in Park’s writing
  • Migrating or travelling Park
  • Travel and/or time-travel in Park
  • Park and disability
  • Poverty; housing crises
  • Park’s regions, elemental environments, islands and/or atmospheres
  • Park and the built environment
  • Sexual violence and/or reproductive rights
  • Literary Park
  • Popular Park
  • Genre (melodrama, romance, historical fiction, realism, memoir or other)
  • Park’s journalism
  • The writing couple (Park and D’Arcy Niland)
  • Writing for radio and/or television
  • Writing, publishing, and editing

To Submit

Email an abstract of 200 words by Monday 1 May 2023.

The due date for submission of accepted essays is Thursday 29 February 2024.