The Development of an Egalitarian Poetics in the Bulletin, 1880-1890


At bottom, the Bulletin was concerned with the literature (being one of the most important of many kinds of cultural manifestations) likely to be produced in a new democratic society and, more importantly, with the kind of literature likely to be most beneficial or useful to that society. In this the Bulletin shared the concerns of those persons and groups of the mid-century who were preoccupied with the types of reading matter available in the colony of New South Wales and with the improvement of popular education and taste.

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Published 1 May 1981 in Volume 10 No. 1. Subjects: Australian literary criticism, Australian literary movements, Egalitarianism, Poetics.

Cite as: Jarvis, Douglas R.. ‘The Development of an Egalitarian Poetics in the Bulletin, 1880-1890.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 10, no. 1, 1981, doi: 10.20314/als.1165c49d15.