Anne Cranny-Francis

Anne Cranny-Francis was first known for her feminist writing on textual politics – how gender is articulated in texts in all media – in books such as Feminist Fiction (1990) and Engendered Fictions (1992) and the co-edited Feminine, Masculine and Representation (1990). She has also worked on the politics and practice of literacy, on the body, and on multimedia and emerging technologies. Her other books include Popular Culture (1994), The Body in the Text (1995), Multimedia: Texts and Context (2005) and Technology and Touch (2013), and the co-written Gender Studies: Terms and Debates (2003). She is currently Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Technology Sydney. Anne has also worked as a creative consultant for Children’s television, a social researcher, literacy consultant, and a media, communication and web site consultant. She first met Jack Lindsay as a student at the University of East Anglia in the late 1970s when he mentored her doctoral study of William Morris and is currently completing an ARC-funded Discovery Project about his work.


University of Technology Sydney