Themes and Imagery in Voss and Riders in the Chariot


The significance of recurrent imagery in Patrick White's novels, not only as it contributes to a distinctive stylistic texture but also as a vehicle for meaning and judgment, has been appreciated by H. P. Heseltine. The images he chooses to examine and the comments he makes are appropriate to the kind of general study he undertakes. Having selected individually compelling images he relates them to concepts in White's six novels. This, however, should not be a stopping point. Analysis of images appearing in several of the novels should be linked with a study of major themes in particular books and the distinctive images which are directly related to them. Two of White's novels, Voss and Riders In The Chariot, have very similar themes, and I propose to use this method in examining them.

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Published 1 June 1964 in Volume 1 No. 3. Subjects: Imagery, Literary portrayal, Literary techniques, structures & modes, Patrick White.

Cite as: Gzell, Sylvia. ‘Themes and Imagery in Voss and Riders in the Chariot.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 1, no. 3, 1964, doi: 10.20314/als.da6f1e4052.