Review of Island and Otherland, by Noel Henricksen


Within the publishing arena, Christopher Koch, one of Australia's leading novelists, stands out somewhat as an enigma. Indeed, this Tasmanian-born writer whose books are frequently put on national curricula (hence the six volumes of study notes dealing with most of his novels) does not enjoy the same academic recognition in Australia as his contemporaries—David Malouf, Peter Carey, Elizabeth Jolley, Jessica Anderson, Thomas Keneally and so on, who have come under the scrutiny of monograph writers. And yet Christopher Koch's work forms the subject of scores of scholarly essays and articles, three Masters theses and two comparative doctoral dissertations.

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Published 1 October 2003 in Volume 21 No. 2. Subjects: Christopher Koch.

Cite as: Vernay, Jean-François. ‘Review of Island and Otherland, by Noel Henricksen.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 21, no. 2, 2003, doi: 10.20314/als.a3b516e211.