In the Club: Australian Crime Fiction in the USA 1943-1954


Carol Hetherington investigates the inclusion of Australian authors in Doubleday’s Crime Club lists in the period 1943-1954. She argues ‘that the important common factor in their selection by Doubleday was not that they were Australian writers, but rather that they were mystery writers, and that their commercial success resulted from their acceptance into the mystery ‘freemasonary’—a close-knit fraternity of editors, reviewers, publishing firms and mail-order mystery book clubs—in which the Doubleday Crime Club was the pre-eminent player.’ (31)

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Published 1 October 2012 in Volume 27 No. 3-4. Subjects: Australian literature - Overseas publishing, Australian literature and writers, Crime fiction, Defining an Australian literature, Literary associations, Publishing.

Cite as: Hetherington, Carol. ‘In the Club: Australian Crime Fiction in the USA 1943-1954.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 27, no. 3/4, 2012, doi: 10.20314/als.94c8abfd34.