Christina Stead’s Student Publications



This selection of Christina Stead's student publications was edited by Margaret Harris to accompany her essay, 'Christina Stead's Earliest Publications.'

High School Chronicle: Magazine of Sydney Girls’ High School, Oct 1918: 7

The Hill

I stand upon a hill – on either hand
  Lie darkening waters. At my feet, the sea
Clothed with faint mists that steal upon the land,
  E’re yet the moon has risen, roars sullenly.
But to the west the waters of the lake,
  Reflecting, mirror-like, the evening sky,
Shine with soft tints that, changing glint, and break
  Beneath the shadowy hills. Now eerily
A curlew from deep down in yonder glade
  Sends through the dusk his cry; a faint star shines –
And disappears – and brightens; sea-winds laid
  All day upon the sea, rise through the pines
Like sighing waves, and far, a twinkling light
Shines in the town, across the deepening night.


High School Chronicle: Magazine of Sydney Girls’ High School, Sept. 1919: 25

  A Psalm of Hockey.
(With apologies…

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Published 7 December 2016 in Rediscovering Christina Stead. Subjects: Australian literature - Manuscripts, Christina Stead.

Cite as: Stead, Christina and Margaret Harris. ‘Christina Stead’s Student Publications.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 31, no. 6, 2016, doi: 10.20314/als.f40c833495.