The Sun’s Fish Dreaming : The Poetry of Andrew Taylor


Duwell surveys the writing life of Andrew Taylor which, in his view, has so far only received fairly superficial and fragmented critical comment and ‘awaits a detailed examination’. In considering the different stages of Taylor’s development as a poet, Duwell’s aim is ‘to lay out the elements of that life and to suggest the parameters within which a more detailed discussion might take place’. He sees the overall image of Taylor’s poetry as ‘continuities inside radical changes of mode’ and argues that Taylor’s poetry is ‘generated out of … the dichotomy of absence and plenitude’ (312).

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Published 1 May 2004 in Volume 21 No. 3. Subjects: Absence, Critical reception, Imagery, Literary career, Silence.

Cite as: Duwell, Martin. ‘The Sun’s Fish Dreaming : The Poetry of Andrew Taylor.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 21, no. 3, 2004, doi: 10.20314/als.ebcf2dd179.