The Road Ahead


Long before the British invaded Australia our people expressed their emotions, our history, the sacred and secular events of our lives, via the medium of painting, storytelling, song and ceremony. Pre-invasion stories and songs tell of the paths of the Creation ancestors, of the history of development of our clans and nations, and the social rules which govern them. Dramas by the camp-fire re-enact the skill of the hunt, emphasise the harvesting time for foods, celebrations and teach the young technological skills. Religious ceremonies formalise in song and dance the sacred laws which dictate the daily secular behaviour for all our people—religion isn't a "one-day-a-week job".

Published 1 November 1994 in Oodgeroo: a tribute. Subjects: Aboriginal Australians, Aboriginal poetry, Justice, Literacy & illiteracy, Racism, Oodgeroo Noonuccal.

Cite as: Fesl, Eve Mumewa D.. ‘The Road Ahead.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 16, no. 4, 1994, doi: 10.20314/als.b6de48050a.