The Evolution of George Johnston’s David Meredith



IT has been overlooked that George Johnston's character, David Meredith, did not spring fully-formed from the pages of My Brother Jack to be developed in Clean Straw for Nothing and A Cartload of Clay. Two earlier novels, Closer to the Sun (1960) and The Far Road (1962), both feature versions of this character under the same name, versions which not only foreshadow the guilt-ridden seeker for patterns in the later trilogy but which also can add to our understanding of the presentation of him there. By considering the neglected David Meredith novels in chronological sequence one can trace the evolution of the character and then suggest the ways in which this can add to our understanding of the well known trilogy.

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Published 1 October 1983 in Volume 11 No. 2. Subjects: Fictional characters, George Johnston.

Cite as: Johnson, Greer and Chris Tiffin. ‘The Evolution of George Johnston’s David Meredith.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 11, no. 2, 1983, doi: 10.20314/als.62952f4dc6.