Selective Bibliography of the Contemporary Australian Short Story


This bibliography is divided into three sections. Section I consists of selective bibliographies on individual short story writers. Authors selected include those contributing to this special issue and some others. The first section includes collections and anthologies of short stories written or edited by the author, as well as commentaries about the author (including interviews). Reviews arc listed for some of the newer writers who have not. as yet. been the subject of substantial commentary. Some of the works listed in this section are also included in Section II which consists of articles and books of a more general nature not usually listed under individual authors in Section I. Section III is a list of anthologies and miscellanies published since 1960 and containing contemporary short stories.

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Published 1 October 1981 in Volume 10 No. 2. Subjects: Australian literature - Bibliographies, Australian short stories.

Cite as: Torre, Stephen. ‘Selective Bibliography of the Contemporary Australian Short Story.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 10, no. 2, 1981, doi: 10.20314/als.45beb786f4.