Local Moderns: The Jindyworobak Movement and Australian Modernism


'This article locates the Jindyworobak movement in relation to late global modernism and reads the Jindyworobaks as what I term "provincial modernists". While the Jindyworobak group has often been understood as disconnected from, even antithetical to, modernism, I argue that the Jindyworobak movement provides a new formulation of the relationship between the local and the modern that makes a commitment to local and parochial cultures the basis of a response to modernity. The article does not focus on the poetry produced by the movement but rather on statements written to define and theorise Jindyworobak as a movement, and on the movement's material and institutional practices.'

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Published 1 May 2012 in Volume 27 No. 1. Subjects: Jindyworobaks, Modernism, Nationalism.

Cite as: Smith, Ellen. ‘Local Moderns: The Jindyworobak Movement and Australian Modernism.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 27, no. 1, 2012, doi: 10.20314/als.927d4ae36b.