A Note on A.C.’s Echoes and Ada Cambridge

In 2005, a book of poetry, Echoes (1869), came to light in a Melbourne bookshop. Written by 'A.C.', it was attributed to Ada Cambridge (1844-1926), though without conclusive evidence. John Thawley, proprietor of The Grisly Wife Bookshop at Eaglemont, Victoria, purchased the book from Berkelouw's Head Office in Berrima (NSW) in 2005. Subsequently, it was examined by Ada Cambridge scholar Elizabeth Morrison and by Rodney Wetherell, author of a play on the life of Ada Cambridge. At the time, both considered that Echoes was almost certainly written by Cambridge. It was listed in a sale catalogue issued by the Grisly Wife Bookshop in July 2005, and the entry carried a note presenting a case for attribution to Cambridge. Leo Berkelouw confirmed that Echoes was originally purchased by him from a local family connected with Cambridge who believed it to be hers, but was unable to provide any further details. Other copies of this volume are held in the British Library and the library of the University of California at Davis, the latter of which is on rnicrofilm. To date, no archives have been discovered for the publisher of Echoes, William Macintosh of London. This is not surprising, as the majority of small publishers did not leave papers.

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Published 1 October 2012 in Volume 27 No. 3-4. Subjects: Ada Cambridge, 19th Century Women Writers.

Cite as: Bradstock, Margaret. ‘A Note on A.C.’s Echoes and Ada Cambridge.’ Australian Literary Studies, vol. 27, no. 3/4, 2012, doi: 10.20314/als.e8f78c09d9.